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The Ska Legends:  (Their official sites only listed here)
Laurel Aitken - The Godfather of SKA!  Nuff said

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Bad Manners - Buster Bloodvessel and company
The Beat - Known in the States as the English Beat, awesome 2-tone era band
Madness - Inventors of the Nutty sound
Selecter - Led by the beautiful Paulina Black
Skatalites - The founders of Ska!  These guys ARE IT!
Specials - Started the 2-tone movement in the late 70's, everyone should own their debut album!
Specials - offical website

The Boston Bands:  (Go to the RIP section for expired bands)
Allstonians - Allstons number international export!
Beat Soup - Great 2tone band)
Big D & the Kids Table - Boston's young ska/punkers, and winners of the 1998 Best Ska Band)
Bim Skala Bim - Boston king of ska, one of the earliest ska bands in American ska history)
Black Market Medallions - Some great ska/punk music by this newer, but much experienced, band IWC Replica
The Boston Jolly Pirates - ska-core group with influences spanning from metal, to hardcore, to hip-hop, and definitely punk rock.
Dion Knibb & The Agitators - Lead by son of Skatalites Drummer Lloyd Knibb, great rocksteady/reggae/ska)
Double Deckers
Dow Jones & The Industrials - 2tone and punk/ska, Look for them in the future)
5 Bucks! - new punk/skacore
Hi Hats - One of Boston's earlier bands, now on an extended hiatius
Jaya The Cat - Great punk/ska band, (Check out a song of theirs now)
Kicked In The Head - Take hardcore/punk/ska and throw it in a blender
Lovewhip - Real sweet world beat & reggae blend
Mass. Hysteria - Brookline 3rd Wave band
Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Originators of Ska-core, Boston's biggest ska export
Plan 17 - new band from the south shore- fast ska with mixes of punk, jazz, reggae, and rock & roll.
Pressure Cooker - The Best grooves in Boston, sweet old skool sound!
Roots Nation - a 7 piece roots reggae/ska band with three part horns and harmonies playing originals and covers Studio One-style.
Skavoovie & the Epitones -  Skanking it up since 1992 with the big band/jazz twist
Steady Earnest - Mix ska with soul and rocksteady, and you've got an awesome band
Westbound Train - an energetic cross between reggae, rocksteady and ska!

 New England Ska Bands:
Action League -
Agents - Rhode Island gets national exposure finally thanks to these guys
Bad Larry - New ska from Rhode Island
The Bottle Rocket Kings A new band from Maine
The Horndogs - New ska from Fall River, Mass.
Mrs. SKAnnotto - From Maine
Shoeless Joe - Really stong band from Western MA mixing ska/funk/punk/hip hop
Skarmy of Darkness - 8 piece ska/punk band from Western MA
T.I.P. - Hailing from New Hampshire

US Ska Bands that you should know:
Adjusters - amazing soul/ska band (Chicago)
Articles - traditional ska with a big, sweet jazz feeling (Michigan)
The Bluebeats - Awesome rocksteady from Long Island
Blue Meanies - blender ska (Chicago)
Buck O Nine - Ska/punksters from San Diego
Chinkees - Great ska/punk from California
Chris Murray - aka Venice Shoreline Chris
Dance Hall Crashers - Dual female fronted vocals, from the Bay Area (CA)
Dave Hillyard Rocksteady 7 - Sweet traditional ska w/ a latin flavor
Eastern Standard Time - One of the best traditional bands around (DC)
Easy Big Fella - Seattle's premier ska band
Five Iron Frenzy - Denver, Colorado's finest band
Gadjits - Fantastic young up and coming band from Kansas City
Hepcat - Smooth sailing, sweet grooves, California's best
Johnny Socko - Crazy antics from Indianapolis
Less Than Jake - Ska/punk leaders from Gainsville, FL
Lets Go Bowling - Upstanding trad band from Fresno, CA
Mephiskapheles - Satan's skameisters (NYC)
Mustard Plug - Grand Rapids finest
MU330 - Wild and crazy guys from St Louis
Pietasters - Soulful masters from DC
Pilfers - Easily  the best band to break in the last 2 years (NYC)
Reel Big Fish - Southern California leaders
Ruder Than You - Philadelphia's answer
Scofflaws - Third wave leaders (Long Island)
The Skanktronics - New ska/punk band from Cleveland
Skinnerbox - Lots o' roots, lots o' branches (NYC)
Skoidats - Originally from Montana, now based in NYC
Slackers - Sweet trad sounds and grooves (NYC)
Slow Children at Play - Kick ass ska from Peachtree City, Georgia
Strangeways - Amazing traditional island sounds from Sarasota Florida
Suicide Machines - Detroit's punk/rock/ska ambassadors
Toasters - Means American ska (NYC)
US Ska Bands you should get to know:
Coldspot 8 - (Florida) Great new release on Beatville Records
Diablotones (Portland, Oregon)
Monkey (California tradional ska and reggae)
Radiation Kings (NY)
Rhythm Doctors (sweet old skool ska/rock steady from California)

International Ska Bands you should know:
Busters - Germanys leading ska band since
Dr Ring Ding & The Senior Allstars (Germany's answer to Jamaica)
The Hotknives - Brighton, England's best thing since ever
Mr. Review  - Great Netherlands band
Porkers - Down Under's answer to the Bosstones, GREAT band

International Ska Bands you should get to know:
Bluekilla - Great German ska band
The Riffs - Totally fun two tone style band from Englad
The Rudimentals - A South African 9-piece ska band, heavily two tone!
Splitters - One of Englands best punk/ska
[Spunge] - Incredible punky reggae from England
Too Hot - Cool sounds (2tone/Madness) from England

Other Kick Ass Bands that you should check out:
The Amazing Crowns - Best punk/rockabilly band out there, they will blow you away!
Big Bad Bollocks - Irish punk/rockers
Buena Vista Social Club - Amazing Cuban all star band, amazing music
Damn Personals - Great new sounding band, mix some pop w/ indie rock, and mod
Darkbuster - The Best Punk band out of Boston in a long time
Drexel - Boston punk band featuring members of Big D & The Kids Table
Dropkick Murphys - Boston's finest punk export!  Irish blue collar punk rockers!
Ducky Boys - One of Boston's biggest punk bands
The Goonies - Boston punk hardcore/punk
Kings of Nuthin' - Awesome early rock and roll/rockabilly
Mission 120 - Great Punk/Pop Boston band, on Fork In Hand Records
The Pills - Cool mod band from Boston
Popgun 7 - Take reggae, pop, ska, funk, featuring several x-Boston ska veterans
Ragin' Teens - Rockabilly, baby
The Shods - One of Boston's best rock bands
Sinners & Saints - Boston hard rock (x-Blood for Blood/Ducky Boys)

Band Fan Pages:
     Big D & The Kids Table fan page:

 Bosstones fan pages:

RIP Bands
Brass Monkeys (Boston/NH) Swing/ska
Edna's Goldfish -The Best thing out of Long Island
Formula 1 - Up and coming punk/ska
Incognitos (CT)
Johnny Too Bad & The Strikeouts (CT)
Metrostylee (NYC)
$ellout$ - promising young band on Fork In Hand Records
Sgt. Scagnetti (CT)
Skamaphrodites (NH)
S.M.A. (Western MA)
Spring Heeled Jack - Put Conneticuit on the ska map
Take 5 - Big mix of soul with the reggae/ska (Boston)

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