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Several decades back, once I wrote my first post about a watch, the opinion I wrote about was a Panerai. Over the last ten years, Panerai has increased and iterated however, the origin of my admiration, that immediately recognizable Italian diver aesthetic, has stayed as their calling card. Regardless of the fact I did, and do, love the Panerai appearance, they nearly always end up being too large for my wrist. Last week, as I watched a selection of big and bigger new Panerai watches in SIHH, I was thrilled to find that relatively miniature marvel, the newest Panerai Luminor Due Replica in both gold and steel.

Reference PAM00682, aka the Panerai Luminor Due 1950 3 Days Automatic Acciaio 42mm, takes each one the burly allure of this 47mm Due (including the Bronzo PAM 671 we recently watched SIHH) and dismisses a whopping 5mm. For me personally, and I believe for others who might be"benched" Panerai lovers, that 5mm produces a major difference. This isn't the initial 42mm Panerai, however it's the very first 42mm Due, and it opens the lineup to a broader (possibly underserved) audience. The Due isn't Panerai's bread and butter, but instead their niche dive watch, which makes the option to go 42mm more intriguing. A method of estimating the true response to get a smaller sporty Panerai?

The typicalReplica Panerai Luminor Due crown shield is set up, water resistance is 300m for its steel and 100m for its increased gold, and model comes fitted into some 22mm black Caoutchouc rubber band.

Safely placed in its chunky circumstance, we locate Panerai's P.9010 motion. This automated 4Hz motion sports twin barrels to offer 72 hours of power reserve. Being a foundation Due, the P.9010 needs just offer minutes, hours, sub-seconds at nine, and a date display in the three.

It is fun, unique, and also a dead-on translation of this form to a more compact footprint. The rubber band is exceptional and legibility is, of course, very excellent. I particularly like the little pop of blue supplied from the sub-seconds hands about the steel panerai replica. If gold is your thing, it is difficult to win against the comparison of the golden instance together with the mix of this black dial and ceramic bezel. The lugs are drilled and use screws to mount the ring, so a NATO ought to be of little trouble.

As market as the Panerai Luminor Due might be, I can not determine if those 42mm versions are more market (as they can upset the satiated Due audience ) or not as market (since they link the Due into a brand new, wider audience). In considering either side of the argument, I arrived at the conclusion I do not really care. I only know I love this small Sub.

Swiss Panerai Luminor Due Replica has priced the Due right together with the steel Rolex Submariner, and it is not difficult to see why. I believe ultimately this will return to a overall appreciation for your Panerai look. If you are on board to the design but've always felt there was not a Due to your wrist, then this is just one.